Theme Features

I created this GetSimple theme for everyone to download and use free of charge, if you need any help with editing the theme, you can hit me up on the GetSimple forums, username Sitebee.

you may need to create an additional component which I named: block-text.

You can add a transparent image to this header on the left hand side to make it look super cool.


Theme Installation

To install the theme upload SimpleBee folder to the themes directory of your GetSimple website, navigate to the Theme management page in the acp and activate the simplebee theme.

Plugin Installation

Upload the SimplebeePlugin.php and custom_title.php files to the plugin directory of your GetSimple website,  navigate to the Plugins management page in the acp and activate both of the plugins. (Both plugins are required to use the SimpleBee theme)

Theme Support


Please note* To use all the SimpleBee theme options please install the SimpleBee settings plugin.

Changing the text in the block section!

To display your own custom text in the header block section you need to create a componant and name it: block-text


Social Media Links!

To show you social media links, you need to install the SimpleBee  settings plugin, once installed navigate to theme>simplebee settings and enter your custom social media links, this will activate the icons to display.


settings social














Responsive Design

Please note the following website functions have been removed for viewing on a small screen: block and fright to allow for a better mobile browsing experience, to re-enable edit the responsive.css file.

Switching to one column layout (remove sidebar)

Simply remove sidebar from template.php and widen content size to desired width in style.css file. (no wider than 900px)

Change log

v 1.0

SimpleBee Theme Released.


v 1.1

1, theme updated for responsive layout

2, simplebee theme plugin added (social media and google analytics functions)

3, added custom titles plugin (created by


Feature Request

If you have any suggestions on ways to improve the theme please use the official theme support forums: